Sunday, August 30, 2009

On Line Social Networks Handout Pa Governor's Conference for Women

• On Line Social Networks
My Space,
Linked In
Ning—start your own social network for your customers

Sites to join that will help with your ; local visibility:
Sites to register on:
City Search
Open Directory
Merchant’s Circle

Take aways,
Talkcasting, Blogging, On line Social Media are ways to Brand yourself on the internet, but first figure out what you want to brand.

Some things to remember in your Web 2.0 Campaign

1. Develop a customer persona:
a. Who are they?
b. Where do they go for their information
c. What’s their buying process
d. Once you figure that out, then develop useful information that is helpful to your perfect client
e. A talkcast, a blog, your interaction in social media should never be just an advertisement
f. Once you have presented the solution to your customers need, problem or challenge, you of course can provide links to the service that you provide that can fill the need
g. Make it easy for them to get to your main website
h. Develop an editorial calendar and a time to set aside to do all of this

• On these sites you can post, you can start discussions; you can invite people to be your friend. Just one more way to Get Your Google On!

Other sites that will help with your local visibility:
Local: (related to Positively Pittsburgh Live, here you can create your own social network) if you don’t want to purchase a radio or TV channel, you can put up your picture and bio for free.

My internet radio sites for additional information:

Techno Granny:
Monday Morning Marketing:
Professionals with Impact:

Positively Pittsburgh Live:

Blog example for a show note blog:

Blog example for blog to give problem solving information and promote your expertise and credibility:

For additional info and Web 2.0 Gorilla Branding Training™
Contact: Joanne Quinn-Smith
Dreamweaver Marketing Associates

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